Logo Design / Branding

First impressions last. Entering a room, its full of new faces who you have never meet. You go in wanting to make a lasting impression by what you are wearing, what you say and how you act.

Your brand and logo design should do the same, leaving a memorable impression that portrays your business. It’s expertise, values, quality and friendliness.

The perfect logo design

Effective branding takes more than just a quick scribble on a drawing pad. Taking the time to find out about your business, it’s clients and values are just part of the process to create you the perfect logo design that makes a memorable impression.

Your logo will be supplied in colour and black and white for use in all types of print. Along with various file formats that you can use in various applications. Most businesses like WOWCreatives to be their 'brand ambassadors'. Making sure the logo is presented in the correct format on websites, brochures, business cards or any other form of communication.

The design process

It all starts with a cuppa, and a conversation. WOWCreatives like to listen and find out about your business. What is does and who for, along with where you want to take your business. You may want to build your company into something big, or you may be choosing to keep small and personal. We create your logo or brand around your values and goals.

After WOWCreatives have the information, it's time to research and create inspiring ideas that portray your business to the correct audience.

Your logo design ideas are presented, discussed and tweaked, making sure they hit the target market.

Logo design for elegant Boho
Country celebrant logo design
Vidal Ceremonies logo