How Much Does a Small Business Web Design Cost?

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So, how much to design my website?

I get asked the question “how much does a web design cost?” often from small business owners. That’s a question I can’t answer with out knowing your needs.

No matter what the size of your business a website is an essential marking tool to get your services and products in front of potential clients and customers.

But how much will it all cost? Well that depends on what you are trying to achieve. On-line sales, contacts, awareness, sign-ups. You may only need something simple or you may need a slick design.

You may need a content management system (outbound link) or a brochure website to compliment your other marketing activity’s.

DIY Website Builders

You can create your small business website yourself with one of the many on-line website builders available on line. WIX, Squarespace and webbly are just a few of the more popular ones. A drag and drop web based Westfield builder that allows toy to create a website without any knowledge of code.

There are pros an con’s to each one.

Website Templates

Each one has a range of templates, drag and drop based interfaces. Some are better than others but keep in mind you will be using a template that 100’s of other websites are using. I do find that many people find a template they like and add text to fit in with the design instead of thinking of the end user.

It is best to think of how you need the copy to flow, not make it fit to a design you have chosen.

You do get what you pay for, and the online drag and drop website builders are great for small business websites that have a limited budget.

small business websites

DIY Web Design Cost

Free: £0
Combo: £6
Unlimited: £8.50
Business & eCommerce: from £13

Free: £0
Personal: £4
Professional: £9
Performance: £28

Personal: £10
Business: £15
Online Store (Basic): £20
Online Store (Advanced): £30

Domain name

Depending on your domain type .com etc. It will cost you £10 or above to register your first year. Some domain suppliers will sell you a domain for 99p for the first year and then go to the normal price on the second year.

For The More Serious Small Business Websites

There are many company’s who can build you a bespoke site. The web design cost can be thousands of pounds to create, charging from £50-£100 per hour for design and SEO. So depending on your needs the price can vary .A one off cost of approx £500 for a basic small brochure site then add on your yearly hosting cost (where your website ‘lives’) of £60+ depending on the service you need.

Some hosting company’s will charge extra for email address’s too.

Pay Per Month Websites

You can also use pay per month option for your small business website. Useful for smaller businesses who need to budget their web design cost, hosting, email and SEO services.
The service is used by many small businesses to help grow the business in the early stages. Developing the website over time and upgrading when the time is right.

Using the services of an experience designer will help heaps. Giving you advice on content, links and images. Starting with a blank canvas will give you more options than an off the self templated website. Putting the content first and designing the website to give the user the best experience possible. Keeping the site loading fast, good SEO, content and useable are all factors google takes into consideration when ranking your website.

There are many website agencies offering small beings website solutions, including ourselves.

Pay monthly websites can start as little as £29.99 depending on the level of service you need. Giving you the option to upgrade to more services as you business grows.

WOWCreatives are UK based website design company offing bespoke pay monthly websites.
Whitby, Yorkshire

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