Website Services

“Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts.
It’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business.”

More than just a pretty picture

Having a website with that looks good is just ONE of the ingredients that makes a good website.

Wonderful infographics, pleasing colours and pretty pictures don’t make a website a good marketing tool. Putting a Aston Martin shell on a Skoda chassis is not going to make the dive more pleasing.

A website is a marketing tool, not only should it strengthen your brand your on-line presence should be informative, easy to read and relevant to the end user. Do you portray your brand values, your strengths and shout about what makes you better than the competition?

A website that is just a pretty picture will do as much good for you as wearing a raincoat on a sunny day.

It’s not just about code

Being able to code a website well doesn’t make a good website, it certainly helps heaps. But a well coded website is pointless without it being visually well designed. As much a pretty website is pointless if fails to load properly.

It’s all about the mix, and what you, the client needs. You may want to update the site internally, add blog posts or upload new products. Adding your new informative video to your home page without having to wait for your IT guy to get around to it.

Every client is different and has different needs, WOW Creatives listens, thinks and produces a solution.

Content is king

You may have herd this many times, but it is true. Your website has that WOW factor, loads faster than greased lighting but is about as interesting as watching a documentary about wood chippings .

A short sentence on page is not going to sell you, or get you found on the search engines. As much as bad grammar, spelling mistakes is going to make you look professional and a business to deal with.

By the way. If you do find any bad spellings on here let me know….

The bigger picture

WOWCreatives look at the bigger picture, yes it will look good, but it will also shout out your message and entice your visitor.

We design and market websites, via Seach engine optimisation, helping you create a social media community with creative thinking driving customers to your domain.

Whether you are a small one-man band, a new start up or a business that needs a boost on-line WOWCreatives would love to talk you and see if we can help make your business grow on line.